Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Boy

Nothing escapes the watchful eye of The Toddler. Let THAT be known. So next time you think you're being sneaky by storing candy in a paper bag at the top of the pantry--think again. The Toddler knows EXACTLY what is in that bag and its EXACT location. Just surrender. 

If The Toddler walks out of your bathroom with a head full of white goop, do not wonder "Why would he dump lotion all over his head?" because that is just nonsense. It's obviously Garnier's Surf Hair. And doesn't it look just like dad does it everyday?

 (less than pleased after mom scraped it out with a towel.)

Due to his astute observation, The Toddler will also amaze you by setting the table for dinner, turning his own sheet music at the piano, and wadding up toilet paper for you at your precise moment of need. 

His assistance can always be rewarded with a toddler-sized, slow-melt popsicle. He knows where those are kept, too. 


Jenny said...

Yes, toddlers are AMAZING in their powers of observation. And so cute in their helpfulness.

Love you!

Leslie Leavitt said...

I have a picture almost just like that of Patrick from this week! He gets into everything now.

Sydney said...

That is such a fun post. I love reading your blog :) I've been thinking about you lately. I hope things are going well. I'll call you soon :)

Lauren said...

Oh I absolutely love that little boy and this post.

lyndsey said...

omg why does he look so HUGE in these pics?? such a big boy, indeed. we miss you granty!

Brandon and Erica said...

What a big boy he is getting! I'm so impressed with all of his new-found toddler-abilities :) He is so cute!