Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Boy

Nothing escapes the watchful eye of The Toddler. Let THAT be known. So next time you think you're being sneaky by storing candy in a paper bag at the top of the pantry--think again. The Toddler knows EXACTLY what is in that bag and its EXACT location. Just surrender. 

If The Toddler walks out of your bathroom with a head full of white goop, do not wonder "Why would he dump lotion all over his head?" because that is just nonsense. It's obviously Garnier's Surf Hair. And doesn't it look just like dad does it everyday?

 (less than pleased after mom scraped it out with a towel.)

Due to his astute observation, The Toddler will also amaze you by setting the table for dinner, turning his own sheet music at the piano, and wadding up toilet paper for you at your precise moment of need. 

His assistance can always be rewarded with a toddler-sized, slow-melt popsicle. He knows where those are kept, too. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Here are a few shots of Grant's first Utah Christmas. It was our Christmas too, but we don't really make it into many pictures these days. We're bad enough about getting pictures of our son.  

The cousin gift exchange at Grandma and Grandpa Error's.

Opening presents from the rest of our family at home.

Grant's loot from Santa: Kid sized lounger, wooden train, Richard Scarry mini book set, and a dog hat.

I was so excited about how much Grant enjoyed what we chose for him. He played with that train for days non-stop. Even despite all the other awesome, gadgety things he got. And that chair--oh, my heart just melts when I see him climb into it and make himself comfortable. 

The things I will remember most about our Christmas season of 2011

-Grant's baby sock advent calendar. This year Grant was old enough to remember his little surprise each morning, and would eagerly stand underneath the mantle grunting and reaching toward the socks until I took one down for him to reach into. After a few days he learned what the good surprises were. Candy=good surprise. Stickers=lame. If it was a sticker, he would make a face and reach his hand up for another sock. Some people's kids. Sheesh.

-The Christmas book countdown. The last 12 nights before Christmas, Grant unwrapped a Christmas themed book to read before bed. He LOVED this. He even knew which presents under the tree looked like books, and what side of the tree they were on, and would unwrap only those. On one of the first nights he unwrapped Up On the House Top. This gem came complete with a CD you could listen to as you followed along in the book. The CD had bonus tracks rest-assured, but "Up On the House Top" was his favorite, and every time it played he had to find the book and follow along. 

-Grant learned to point out Baby Jesus. 

What a wonderful time of the year! We had a great Christmas!

So grateful to have a little boy to watch light up, and to teach about Christ, and to teach me about Christ. So grateful for a Savior who was born, and lived, and made it all possible for us. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

18 months

On Thanksgiving, Grant turned 18 months old. Granty loved spending the holiday with Grammy and Papa, his aunt and uncles and cousin, and of course his beloved bff, Daisy (my mom's dog). We had such a fun time. After our Thanksgiving feast, Grant graced us all with a mini talent show in which he demonstrated all his recent tricks for the family. At 18 months old, his talents include pointing to many of his body parts such as head, hair, ears, nose, teeth, arms, tummy, legs, and toes. That night he also pointed to his eyes for the first time (he was previously confusing them with ears). He also does "flips." I say "Granty, do a flip," and he bends over and puts his head on the ground until I come and help him through the rest of the maneuver. He also "spins" and "rolls." He does the motions for The Itsy Bitsy Spider, although he never sings a note, and also does the motions for If You're Happy and You Know It. He loves to give high fives, and while we were there he learned "knuckles" from his Papa. Here are the only pictures we managed to take that trip--at Zoo Lights in Tacoma.

I am in constant awe at the speed this little guy learns. He is constantly mimicking us, and constantly picking up a new trick or word. He now says "ow" really loud when things touch him (I'm embarrassed to say I think he learned that from me.) And will hold up one finger when you ask him how old he is. He leads the music whenever we sing at church or at home. He sits at the piano for at least 10 minutes a day (totally per his request) plunking at the keys, and bobbing and swaying to the music. He even turns the pages of the music, and will occasionally try and switch books. This kid watches his dad like a HAWK I tell you!

He really is following in his dad's footsteps when it comes to hobbies. He has a little basket ball hoop and can make non-dunk shots! (From like 3 inches away.) Speaking of basketball, Jared was THRILLED to hear that his 18 month check-up stats reported a growth spurt! He has been slowly creeping his way onto the charts from being below in almost everything, but this time the doctor was shocked to report that Grant's height has SOARED into the 70th percentile! His weight even made it onto the chart this time at a whopping 4th percentile! Nice--He truly is his dad's son.

I could go on and on about our special boy. He is tough to keep up with some days, but every night when he goes to sleep and Jared and I are enjoying our time alone, we miss him. He has so much personality, and is so funny! When we laugh, he laughs. He pretends to talk on the phone, and he jabbers away and laughs to whoever he is talking to. Yesterday when I was putting him down for his nap, he suddenly pinched his nose and started making snoring noises! Where on earth did he learn that?? I started cracking up and then so did he. He is seriously like my little friend. Love that little boy!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

HGTV Dreams

So, I have been obsessed with HGTV for some time now. I dvr all the shows and watch them during Grant's naps while I clean (*ahem* craft). HGTV is gratifying enough for me on its own, but add John Gidding from Curb Appeal the Block to all that design goodness and it is a little dream come true.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you John Gidding and Aimee Barbosa Error--a long awaited meeting.

At the Utah Home Show 10/8/11

Monday, October 3, 2011

Extra, Extra!

I know the two of you who actually read this blog are the same two who probably already know the following. I have started a NEW blog. Just in case you haven't heard, it is called THE ELEPHANT OF SURPRISE(As in, "If we get to the party before the guest of honor and jump out from behind a couch we will have the element of surprise." But change 'element' to 'elephant' and you have just taken the unexpected to a whole new level. (That is the first and last explanation of the name because it is just sad if you have to explain yourself all day long, and if nobody gets it, oh well.)) If you please, meander on over there and check out what I have going on. This blog will serve a variety of purposes:

1. A showcase of some of my party crafts for readers the world over (or just you same two) to try at home.

2. A collection of party inspiration I find around the blogsphere that I think others may enjoy.

3. A portfolio of parties I've done. Here, potential clients can decide if they dare let me anywhere near their next celebration, or if they would quietly and anonymously like to run the other direction. 

4. Yet another technology project for me to both shake my fist at in frustration, and feel pathetically accomplished when I figure out how to copy and paste some html code (like it's hard).

What a purposeful blog, am I right?

I would love it if you would take a look and become a follower. And, because I know so many of you are so much more crafty and creative than me, I would love to hear ideas for the blog, or to feature your projects. Share them with me! 

Grant's Birthday

I said I would be doing some summer recaps, but let's go back as far as spring for just a quick minute. I know it is just plain sad that I am posting about Grant's birthday five months late, but there you have it.

Five months ago my little baby turned a year old! There is something truly worth celebrating in that! As the months and weeks drew closer to his birthday I reflected on our first year together. I thought about all that he had accomplished in just 12 short months. I thought about the first time he laughed, rolled, crawled, stood. How he had changed, and developed, and grown. I thought about how we as parents had changed, and grown, too. I thought about all the sleepless nights, the messy diapers, the messy house. I thought about all the books and websites I had read about schedules, breastfeeding, solid foods, making baby food, baby sign language, sicknesses, teething, milestones. I thought about how I had never imagined falling this in love. Grant's first year was one of the most interesting and joyful of my life. I'm so glad I have him.

This is how we celebrated his birthday.
On the actual day of his birthday we met dad for lunch at Grant's favorite restaurant--Zupas. This kid can eat soup like there's no tomorrow. Unfortunately we forgot a bib, so the birthday boy kind of looks like a homeless child in these pics. He loved it just the same.

Later that day, we ventured out to the Thanksgiving Point Farm. I had a hunch that Grant would love it, and despite refusing to nap all day prior to going, he did! Grant's bff, Jack was there of course, and he brought his parents along for the ride. I love how Grant is finally old enough to enjoy these little pleasures in life--it makes life so much fun.

When dad got home from work, we gave Grant his birthday present--a splashy water table toy. This child LOVES water. He had so much fun dumping the water from the table all over himself. 

We probably should have had him play with the water table AFTER he destroyed his mini birthday cupcake all over himself. I wasn't sure how he would react to his first cupcake, but he knew just what to do--like he'd been doing it for years. Or maybe watching his mother do it too much. Who knows? He was a cupcake eating pro none the less. The happy story ends here for a while, because the next day he had to go to the doctor for his 1 year well-baby visit and shots.

Don't be deceived by poor Granty boy's look of distress. He had nowhere near gotten his shots yet. haha! This picture makes me laugh so hard. Dr. Zarbock has been Granty's doctor since day 1--and what a long way Grant has come since! From 5 pounds to 17! They really are buddies--Grant is just getting a little more skeptical with age.

Nothing that a little birthday party couldn't fix, though! That Saturday, we were lucky enough to have so many of our friends and family come and celebrate our sweet boy's first year.

Can't believe a year has come and gone already. Granty, we are all so lucky to have you!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just in Case You Were Wondering

I do intend to blog again in this lifetime. A heap of posts and pictures chronicling our entire summer is on its way--brace yourself for the bombardment. But in the meantime, here is a little glimpse at what's been keeping me away from this darn thing.
Jared started Dental School! How does this occupy my time? you ask. Well, there was this White Coat Ceremony event I attended as the supportive wife. There's been dutch oven socials and boating activities to attend, new Facebook groups to join. Seriously. It's hard work.
Party planning up the wazoo. More on this later. In fact, a whole new blog on this to come later. For now I'll just say I'm taking my craft addiction to a whole new level. Hopefully a profitable new level. Stay tuned! 
And of course, this lovable rascal. He seriously became a little person this summer! Obsessed with the outdoors, water, dancing, stairs, running away from his parents, and eating, eating, eating. I'm so happy to spend my days with Granty J.